Inspiring youth

A few months back, I talked a bit about an upcoming fashion show where high school students would showcase their designing and sewing talents. Yesterday was the big day! The auditorium was filled with friends and families of the students (and some random strangers like me!), ready to give a well-deserved round of applause to the budding designers and models.

Let me just say one thing: it was A-MA-ZING. I forgot to take pictures from time to time, I was just too busy picking up my jaw from the floor!

These kids have talent, no doubt about it. I know only a handful of  aspiring designers and models actually make a living out of their passion, but some of the girls’ work I’ve seen yesterday looked very promising. I sincerely hope they will pursue their dream and make it come true. In any case, their energy and enthusiasm are truly inspiring and it’s such a pleasure to see kids animated by positive vibes!

I was not sitting at the best place to take pictures, nevertheless here are a few images to give you an impression of the evening:





And that’s just a tiny sampling of the dozens of designs we saw on the runway yesterday! Aren’t they just awesome? Keep an eye on the Stichting Creative Mix Facebook page for more pictures coming up really soon!


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