Happy Bride = Happy Seamstress


Just some minor adjustments, and the wedding dress project will be complete!

Here’s a picture of the back (I’m sorry about the so-so quality, my phone doesn’t take great pics in low light conditions). After much blood, sweat and tears (mostly sweat and tears, mind you!) the pleated midriff section was turned into a separate cummerbund-like belt, tied at the back with a ribbon. There was just no way this heavy and stiff pleated section could be inserted between the bodice top and the skirt – it looked horrible, it had no movement and it would have made my bride look 20 pounds heavier, which is really not what a wedding dress should be doing! Looking at the picture of the original dress, I kept wondering how they managed to achieve their midriff section, nicely following the contours of the dress form it was on… why are they able to do it, and why can’t I? My bride was getting desperate and so was I…

I was ready to throw the towel, instead I decided to call for help. I consulted with my lovely pattern drafting teacher, who advised me to make the pleated section a separate belt with eyelets, to lengthen the bodice top a bit and to attach a waistband between the bodice top and the skirt.

And it worked!

My bride loves it, I love it, everyone is happy.

I just need to adjust the shoulder loops that keep the dress from falling off her shoulders – a bit of double-sided tape should do the trick. Yes, double-sided tape. That’s one amazing thing to use when you want to avoid hours of hand sewing or when your fabric slides in all directions and won’t stay in place as you try sewing it. LOVE. THAT. STUFF.

Hey, if the contestants on Project Runway get away with glueing their designs together, why can’t I stick a few seams? 😉



  1. And I do love it….

  2. Of course you do 😀 (pfew…)

  3. Hi Margot & Marie-Claude,
    I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. I’m sure you’ll be a beautiful bride!

  4. It´s amazing – your client will be a very beautiful bride!

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