Lost and found

Let’s go back in time, to August 2010. I fell in love with an awesomely pretty vintage apron pattern, but two months later, I still hadn’t received it.

Well, lo and behold, while sorting out drawers overflowing with papers and magazines, my husband found an unopened shipping envelope addressed to me. He had the presence of mind to not throw it away. When I went downstairs about 30 minutes ago, I saw the envelope on the table and I went 😯 An unopened shipping envelope? Addressed to me? From Your Pattern Shop? Nooooooooo… could it be…?

Yes, it was.

I RECEIVED MY PATTERN AFTER ALL!! It’s been sitting in its shipping envelope for more than 1 year, can you believe it?

It’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. It’s so d*mn pretty! Must. Make. One. ASAP.

There you go, I just had to share my joy 🙂



  1. Hurrah! So pleased it turned up. I´m keen to see the results as I really want to make some vintage style aprons for Christmas presents this year!

    • mcfdekker says:

      Yeah, I bought that pattern last year to make x-mas presents… but since I thought I hadn’t received it, I used other patterns to make the aprons. I don’t know if I’ll use it after all for presents, I mean do they need an apron every year…? 😉 I think this time it’s my turn to sport a gorgeous vintage apron for the Holidays! I should even throw a party just so I have an excuse to wear it! Ha!

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