2011 Sewing Year in Review

On this last day of 2011, it’s time to reflect on the year that passed. On a personal level, it was an incredibly busy year with its load of challenges. Nonetheless, I managed to squeeze in some sewing time and I was able to take part in some awesome projects. Here are the highlights:

In January, I couldn’t stop thinking about the summer to come. Interestingly enough, I actually used all the fabrics I bought that day! Often enough, my mind is full of ideas and I buy fabrics to match these ideas, but the reality of life and a busy schedule often prevents me from completing all these ideas.

March and April were by far the busiest months, with 8 sewing projects completed: from a bellydancing outfit, to a jacket, to several vintageinspired dresses. The dresses were showcased in a photo shoot, an invitation from my photographer friend Rubi. Who would have ever thought I’d be a model some day? 😀

The second half of 2011 was on the quiet side, with the amount of projects completed reduced to… 2! But it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, right? 😉 I had the honor and privileged to make a wedding dress for an ex-colleague, which is always something very special. This project was the first that I drafted on my own, making muslins and all, and it turned out quite okay, methinks! And last but not least, I cannot forget my two elves, who went partying in style this x-mas.

All in all, 2011 was a fantastic year of sewing.

What’s in store for 2012? Several exciting projects, which I still cannot share for now 😉 But I’m sure I’m in for a fabulous year!

Dear friends, family, crafters, sewing enthusiasts and readers who stumbled upon my blog, thank you for your support in 2011 and best creative wishes for 2012!

Enjoy the slide show of “2011 Sewing Year in Review”!

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  1. Congratulations on a fabulously creative year! I am going to be asking you for advice soon as I want to tackle a dress for the summer. Happy New Year to you 🙂

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