Comfy pillow, perfect for hugging

Back in December, I went to the stores looking for a body pillow. I’ve discovered it helps me keep my shoulders in a decent alignment when sleeping on my side, but standard pillows are just too short. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite find what I was looking for.

Fast forward to about 10 days ago, when I read an article about a lovely cat-shaped pillow, with apparently the perfect ergonomic shape for hugging. As a self-confessed crazy cat lady, I immediately checked out their website, but to my utter disappointment, they don’t ship to the Netherlands!

What was I supposed to do, just forget about it?

Of course not: I just made my own.

The basic shape is quite easy to draw. I stayed close to the original design.

(I used old newspapers as I ran out of pattern tracing paper a while back… long live recycling!)

I cut the shape on muslin (for the pillow) and on the fabric I chose for the pillow cover, a velvety polyester/lycra mystery blend in a baby blue shade with scattered sparkles. I suffer from severe dust mites allergy, so I wanted to make sure I could remove the pillow cover to wash it.

Construction is really easy. First you need to assemble the muslin pieces, leaving a 15 cm opening to stuff the pillow. Trim the seam allowance, turn the pillow inside out. I used about 1,5 kg of polyester wadding, the quantity can vary depending on the size of your pillow. After your pillow is filled, close the opening with hand stitches.

Your next step is sewing the zipper on your pillow cover. Your zipper must be long enough to allow you to insert the pillow when you are done! My zipper was 35 cm, and thank goodness I had a super-stretchy fabric. So be careful and do not hesitate to use a long zipper, it will make your life easier! Use your favorite method for a flat zipper insertion. Then stitch the pillow cover pieces together. Trim sewing allowance, and turn inside out.

Insert pillow inside pillow cover and there you go! One lovely pillow, perfect for hugging!

My cat pillow is adult-size, but you can make it any size you want. Unless of course you are lucky enough to buy the real thing 😉 I think they could make great presents for cat lovers or for children, or just for anyone who wants a soft, comfy pillow to hug 🙂



  1. Oh i love this! So comfy and clever! Meow!!

    • The price of the real thing is horrendous, while it costs a fraction to make it yourself and is also very, very easy!

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