BurdaStyle Sewing Club Leiden – first meeting report!

The first ever meeting of the BurdaStyle Sewing Club of Leiden took place on February 2nd. In total, 6 sewing enthusiasts  braved the bitter cold and attended the meeting – a very good start! I opened the meeting with a short introduction of BurdaStyle and the BurdaStyle Sewing Clubs, explaining the concepts of open-source sewing and open exchange of ideas and knowledge. To inspire them for their next sewing project, I distributed hand-outs with examples of free patterns that can be downloaded from the BurdaStyle website.

As a way of introducing themselves, attendees were invited to bring an item they made. It was very interesting to hear about the members’ experience with sewing, which ranged from curtains to hand embroidery. We form a rather eclectic group with a broad range of backgrounds but we have one thing in common: we ♥ sewing.

Because some of us were a bit rusty and need some help to get in the swing of sewing, we decided that we would start with a sew-along project, a simple circle skirt. I agreed to lead the project and I will provide the team members with a pattern and simple instructions on how to sew the skirt. At our next meeting, we will cut our fabrics and go through the instructions together, explaining the new techniques and maybe even do a small demonstration. Then it will be up to the members to sew their skirts and show it off at an upcoming meeting!

I was really pleased with the first meeting and it was great to meet everyone. I think this little club will get somewhere!



  1. It sounds like fun – looking forward to seeing the finished skirts!

  2. Fun indeed, the love for sewing unites.


  1. […] mentioned previously, to get back in the swing of sewing, we started a group sew-along project. I drafted a simple skirt […]

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