Red Dress Contest – dress complete!

Pfew! My dress is complete! It’s been quite a roller coaster, more on that further down.

So. It’s done! Here is my dress:

The dress is made out of a gorgeous rayon/lycra double knit, triple the price of what I am usually comfortable paying for fabric. But it was totally worth every single penny. I also fully lined the dress (except the sleeves) in a mesh-y kind of stretch lining. It feels a bit plasticky to the touch, but it is comfortable to wear. I might sing a different tune if I wear this dress during the summer, but anyway.

Of course, you are interested in the back, right? Here’s a shot, with the heart cut-out:

Making the heart wasn’t complicated: it’s just a question of tracing and cutting it out. But attaching the lining to it was a puzzle. What do I sew first? The neckline or the heart? Do I just leave out the lining? Do I make a facing? After much thinking and mental constructing, I proceeded with first sewing the heart, right sides together, trim seam allowance, clip the pointy bits. Then pull the lining to the inside and press. Now comes the tricky bit. You then join the back neck seams, right sides together. You sort of have to sew this seam from under, under your lining, pulling the pieces through the small space between the top of the heart and the back neck edge. I did one side first, sewing up to about the center, and sewed the rest from the other side. I couldn’t take pictures that would be meaningful, so I’m working on a drawing that might be able to explain more than words can do.

After I attached the lining to the shell at the neckline, I pressed everything and top-stitched the neckline and the heart. This is when disaster striked. Don’t ask my how it got there, but somehow machine oil stained my bodice, right on the front. The horror!!! I ran downstairs, poured some anti oil stains product on my fabric, rubbed and scrubbed, rinsed and then put my bodice in the dryer to be able to sew the rest of my dress as quickly as possible. When I took my bodice out of the dryer, I was so relieved to see the stain was gone! But… my heart sank… ANOTHER STAIN? On the back??? I hadn’t seen it and the heat of the dryer pretty much set it there 😥 Three rounds of pouring, rubbing and scrubbing, and the stain is almost gone. It’s still there, but I can live with it. Man! That’s what I meant with roller coaster!

The rest of the construction was pretty much painless. Attach bodice lining to skirt lining, attach shell bodice to shell skirt. Hem the sleeves pieces, baste together and set the sleeves. I then made a simple hem on the lining and a machine blind hem on the dress.

EDIT: Here are 2 pictures of the inside of the dress (lining), from the front and around the heart cut-out:

And how does it fit? Divine! The pattern was based on my sloper, so it fits like a glove. The fabric is really soft and gives me loads of ease of movement. It’s probably going to become my favorite office dress.

On Friday I have a photo shoot planned with my friend Rubianca of xllens, with my dress in the spotlight. I’m curious to see how it’s going to turn out! 🙂



  1. Gorgeous! And that cut-out is divine!

  2. What a fantastic dress! The heart is gorgeous

  3. It´s so lovely – and you made it so quickly (despite all the dramas you had on the way). Congratulations!

  4. Love the cut-out! Would you be able to post what the lining/inside looks like?

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