BurdaStyle Sewing Club Leiden – our first group project

As mentioned previously, to get back in the swing of sewing, we started a group sew-along project. I drafted a simple skirt pattern with elastic casing pattern (I’m working on a PDF version of the skirt pattern, so watch the Downloads page!), wrote instructions on how to sew the skirt, sent a shopping list to the club members who wished to take part in the project and finally, last week Thursday, it was time to start cutting our fabric to make our skirts!

My cat Tijger, claiming his right to sleep on my pattern... tsk!

I made the pattern in 3 sizes. Perfect fit is not really an issue when it comes to a wide skirt with elastic waist band, but I still wanted to offer enough variation to give the girls a chance to have a skirt that is neither gigantically big, nor ridiculously small. It was nice to see each other’s fabric, comparing weight and thickness, discussing the impact these differences make on sewing. Let’s get those scissors out, shall we?

After all the cutting, I quickly went through the instructions, trying to iron out any difficult terms or techniques. It’s always difficult to put yourself in a beginner’s shoes when writing up instructions, as the most obvious things to a more experienced sewing addict are perhaps totally unknown to the beginner. It’s also a great exercise to go back to basics and rehearse basic techniques.

And when everything was all clear, we were off to sew our skirts!

Next chapter: the skirts parade!




  1. Looks like fun – and inspiring to work with each other!

  2. I think this looks like so much fun. I wish I was nearer to Lieden!

    Cutting things out with scissors makes me cry though… I love love my rotary cutter *L*

    • LOL I love mine too, but my mat isn’t usually big enough for my needs! One day, if I’m rich, I’ll buy a bigger mat and ditch the scissors 😉

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