Mad Men Dress Challenge

You might have noticed a new badge on the left: the Mad Men dress challenge. The goal is simple: Find a dress on Mad Men that you love and create your own version. The idea comes from JuliaBobbin and being a Mad Men fan… I just couldn’t resist.

I ploughed through countless images and videos of the show, trying to find something to make. Then I found this article from Tom & Lorenzo, featuring a pretty purple dress worn by Joan. Ha! There you go! That’s what I’m going to make!

I have a purple double knit I’ve meant to use for ages, but could never find enough inspiration. I love the color. And I think the shade is pretty close to Joan’s dress, don’t you think?

To make the dress, as much as I would like to use my pattern sloper and draft everything on my own, because I’m short on time I decided to go for my trusted Simplicity 2648 Amazing Fit pattern, with the V-neck. I’ll make simple sleeves (probably borrowed from another Amazing Fit pattern I own – I love that collection!) and draft the collar and the ‘tie’ at the front.

Let’s see what I end up with 🙂

But no sewing for me today, it’s time for some pampering at the hairdresser!



  1. Am off to look through my patterns as I´m convinced I have this one that I haven´t used yet!

  2. awesome style to copy!

  3. Wow! Your purple is exactly the right shade, very cool! Looking forward to seeing your version of this dress. 🙂

    • I didn’t make as much progress as I would like, I’ve basically just cut a few pattern pieces yesterday (no drafting yet). I had a nagging headache and I just couldn’t wrap my head around anything…! I’ll try to continue working during the evenings this week 😉

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