Mad Men Dress Challenge – challenge complete!

It happens so often: you finish a sewing project, but the only effect it has on you is “meh”. When I decided to join the Mad Men Dress Challenge, I was afraid my dress would become one of those projects. I was SO wrong. I absolutely ♥ with my purple dress and love how it turned out!

The dress wasn’t very complicated to make, I just used the Simplicity Amazing Fit 2648 pattern (view C with V-neck), with the sleeve from Simplicity 2247 view A – but shortened to about elbow length. And I omitted the zipper, since my dress is made with a stretchy double-knit. Did I ever mention I love the Amazing Fit collection? Yeah, I think I did. Several times. Well, here’s another: I love that collection. You can easily mix match bodices, skirts and sleeves to make the dress of your dreams, and they are so easy to fit.

To draft the collar, I used the tips included in the fantastic book Make Your Own Dress Patterns. Joan’s collar seemed to be coming down straight at the center back, but I preferred to draft the collar in such a way that it flares just a bit. I think the front collar is pretty close to the one on the original dress – I did a good job eyeballing it! 😆 My ‘tie’ is a bit longer than Joan’s, and I decided to make come out from the inside of the dress, I thought it looked more interesting this way.

What do you think? Pretty close, huh? I can’t wait to wear my dress to work on Monday! I’ll try to take a picture of me wearing the dress as soon as possible!


Thank you Julia for this great challenge idea, I can now channel my inner Joan with my purple dress!

Next project in the pipeline: three evening dresses/ball gowns for a friend’s photography assignment… my biggest challenge ever!

ETA: I just added a picture of me wearing my dress at the office today 😉



  1. That is amazing – I was so lookins forward to seeing what you did and I am super impressed. I loved the clothes in the series (that´s why I watched it in the first place) and you´ve done an incredible job. I love those patterns too, I am part the way through making a dress and have made some trousers which are great.

  2. OMG this dress is GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see you wearing it…and it’s making me more and more excited to see my wedding dress! You are truly talented and I’m so honoured that you’re making this very special dress for me!

  3. Beautifully made. I like Mad men and think that in fact it may be a god source of inspiration. I’ll come again to see how you look with this dress. Well done!

  4. wow that is an awesome dress! I started on a muslin for a Betty dress. Whee! So far I have yet to complete a competition, sew-a-long, challenge, etc this year. I want to justify it with post-baby life, but that seems a little lame. Sigh…

  5. This is fabulous! And it looks just like the dress from Mad Men! Love it!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness!
    It is abolutely AMAZING! It looks so neat and the colour is spot on!

    Readers are going to fall in love with this number. Don’t forget to email me the two pics and your web link so I can include it in the challenge!

    What a knock out!

    • mcfdekker says:

      Thanks!! I was waiting until I get a picture of me wearing the dress before I send all the info to you… but it’s coming very soon, I promise 😉

  7. Wow, you did such a beautiful job with this dress, well done you. I got really excited reading your post as I am mad men obsessed, so thank you for letting us know about this challenge 🙂

  8. Lovely.

  9. I absolutely love your version.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You look so cute wearing it!!! You must have got tonnes of compliments for it! Adorable color too! I just finished my Mad Men dress last night. I want to make another one, but the pretty dresses with all the fancy collars are too hard for me 😦

  11. Looking stunning and the colour is great on you ! xx Rachel

  12. How appropriate that you were able to get a shot of this dress in action at the office! You did an incredible job with this dress! The color and collar are a perfect match for your inspiration piece!!

  13. Love the dress! Great recreation.

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