Spring Flowers Gowns project – progress report

Another busy sewing weekend behind me! Whew! I’m doing great progress on my gowns, and it’s time to share!

First off, I completed my “hyacinth” dress by adding the zipper and gluing the flowers in place at the neckline and on the train. No, I didn’t sew them in place. Sue me. There’s a bit of puckering on the right side of the zipper, but I didn’t press my fabric yet, so hopefully most of it will go away. I hand based the zipper then machine stitched in place. I did a pretty good job at aligning the back waist seam, if I say so myself! The train is detachable, using hooks & eyes (3). It’s basically organza, gathered, and then stitched on a piece of pertersham ribbon, with flowers glued on. Easy peasy!

I’m very pleased with the final result, but of course there could still be things to improve! It’s a life-long learning process…

Last week, I said I would make a start on my ‘tulip’ dress. Well, after spending a whole afternoon working on a skirt muslin, I was still not satisfied and a bit discouraged. And I unexpectedly received a new copy of the Simplicity pattern I wanted to use for my ‘daffodil’ dress earlier than I thought, so I decided to put the ‘tulip’ aside and go work on my ‘daffodil’.

Now readers, let me tell you the story of the ‘daffodil’ dress. It’s the first dress I wanted to work on, but because of circumstances detailed below, I had to start on my ‘hyacinth’ dress first. I received from my friend the measurements of the models who will be wearing the dresses for the photo shoot. So far so good. I didn’t flinch when I read that one of the models would have a 77cm bust – I mean, she’s a model, right? That makes her a size 6 in Simplicity patterns, so nothing strange there. And there I went, happily cutting a size 6 dress. There is a LOT of fabric to cut (large skirt, large slip, loads of organza for the overlay and loads of tulle for the slip) and it took me a whole afternoon.

Then alarms started to ring. Wait a minute: 77cm bust with 70cm waist? Shouldn’t it be like… 87cm bust? OH NOES! I must have cut the wrong size! I quickly asked my friend to double-check with the model (who has yet to confirm the measurements), but regardless, I had just wasted time, a pattern, and lots of fabric. Not to mention money for the said pattern and fabric. 😥

So I ordered more fabric, a new pattern (because there’s no way I was going to eyeball grading from a size 6 to a size 14, nor spend time grading everything either) and started working on my ‘hyacinth’ dress instead.

Anyway, lesson learned. Always. Question. Everything. Especially measurements.

Fast forward to this weekend. Again, I spent a whole 1/2 day cutting boat loads of fabric. I started with the bodice on Saturday afternoon, and it went together okay. On Sunday, I started on the skirt. My gawd. There was SO MUCH fabric to gather, I thought I was going nuts. But I managed to plough through it and at the end towards the end of the afternoon, I was ready to set in the zipper.

The zipper. *sigh*

For some reason, the zipper is 5 cm too short. I guess I ordered the wrong length. So it’s the 2nd dress in a row that doesn’t have a zipper set in at the end of the weekend. ARGH! So you’ll have to do with pictures of my yellow dress with no zipper and no bodice lining attached. I thought you wouldn’t mind too much anyway.

In general, I’m happy how it turned out, but I keep thinking Disney princess. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Next weekend: zipping the ‘daffodil’ and really starting on my ‘tulip’ 😉



  1. I so admire your patience and they both look amazing!

    • mcfdekker says:

      I think I have to be a bit crazy to tackle this kind of project anyway 😉 But I refuse to miss a deadline, so I *had* to re-cut everything!

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