Spring Flowers Gowns project – we have a tulip!

Well, at least that was the plan. Looking at the dress, it looks more like a red rose than a tulip. 😕

So here it is, the third (and last? more on this below) evening gown for my friend’s photography assignment. My inspiration was the tulip, one of the most famous symbols of the Netherlands – after windmills and wooden shoes! I really wanted a red dress, and this deep burgundy satin really fits the bill. I used Simplicity 1910, but with some modifications for the skirt. I mainly chose to work with this pattern because of the bodice, I really liked the seams, and the laced back was the kind of detail I was looking for. The pattern skirt is really wide, with pleats where it joins the bodice. For my final dress, I wanted the skirt to mimic ‘petals’ and I thought it would just not look good with the pleats. In the end, I used the slip pattern pieces for the skirt, and I traced the overskirt in the shape of a petals. I hemmed the dress and the petals with horsehair braid for more body and more shape definition. Under the skirt, there’s a slip with netting for more ‘poof’. On the pictures, the laced back is pretty tight, that’s because the dress is too big for my dress form and I was trying to make it hold in place!

I’m not head-over-heels about this dress. it’s okay, I like how it turned out, but it’s just not blowing me away. Maybe I am getting tired – these gowns are a lot of work. Or I’m regretting not seeing Simplicity 1876 before I settled on my design and pattern, as this little cocktail dress with petal skirt would have been really pretty! Or I just need to see it on the model for the photo shoot, as she brings it to life, to truly appreciate it. We’re our own worse critic, aren’t we?

Now the question is: will it be the last dress for the shoot? Apparently my friend’s friends are lining up to model my dresses! 😆 And I have ideas and inspiration for a 4th dress – a lily-of-the-valley dress. A sweet, short, white cocktail dress. I have the fabric, I’m just waiting for the pattern to arrive in the mail, and to find a hole in my schedule to make the dress. So no promises. But who knows…?

For now, I need to start on the first muslin of the wedding dress, but there’s still time. The first fitting is scheduled for April 14th 🙂



  1. So busy – how do you do it?! Very lovely indeed, love the colour too!

    • mcfdekker says:

      I had to give up many weekends for this 😉 But the photo shoot will be a fantastic opportunity to promote my ‘art’, so it’s all worth it!

  2. I think its a beautiful color! These gowns are so pretty! I hope you get time to make a Lily of the Valley dress because I would selfishly like to see it!

  3. well done, good shape and very sophisticated lines…but capturing the essence of a flower!

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