Spring Flowers Gowns project – Lily of the valley

I couldn’t resist. I had to make another dress. When I first discussed the project with my friend, we agreed on 3 or 4 dresses. Because of the time crunch, I decided to aim for 3 dresses. But I enjoy this project so much that I did everything I could to fit a 4th dress in my crazy sewing schedule!

Meet the lily of the valley. A sweet cocktail dress based on Simplicity 4070. I made view C, strapless with balloon skirt, but without the belt. It’s a very simple pattern, it goes together very quickly. And as for the previous 3 dresses, it’s still without a zipper – I need to go buy one!  For the dress, I used polyester taffeta with light crinkle effect, in off-white. The lining is some mystery man-made fiber fabric. Very plasticky. That will teach me to order lining online!

The flower was the biggest challenge, and I made several paper models before settling on a pattern.

Then, it was a question of joining the seams, adding a bit of gathered tulle to the inside to help keep its shape and finishing with pearl stems. The stems are left-overs from the first ever wedding dress I made for someone else… back in 2006!

I also added a green bow for a splash of color, because it’s very monochromatic otherwise! Enjoy the bonus cat pictures. My cat Luna just wouldn’t budge from the staircase as I wanted to take the pictures. I guess she wanted to be the center of attention 🙂

And this completes the Spring Flowers Gowns project. The photo shoot will take place within the next few weeks, so stay tuned to see them in action!

Next up: my friend’s wedding dress. I made the muslin today, the first fitting is next weekend! So exciting 🙂



  1. It’s beautiful! and the cat just completes the ensemble. Can’t wait to see them in the photo shoot!

  2. It´s perfect – you really excelled yourself with all of these! (And yes, love the kitty too 🙂 )

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