Sunday at the fabric market

It’s that time of the year again, when the fabric market makes a stop in my town. Dozens and dozens of stands, filled with fabric bolts of all types and colors. So tempting!

But contrary to last year, I didn’t make a huge loot. Not that there wasn’t choice, they just didn’t have what I was looking for. So here’s what I came back with:

3m of coral stretch cotton, with a bit of a texture to it. I bought it with Simplicity 1914 in mind. Must be because of the similarity in color!

Then we have 2,5m of bright pink double knit (love the color!) and 4,5m dark purple wooltouch fabric. I bought wooltouch fabric before in other colors and it’s a great quality fabric, perfect for winter office wear. Yes, winter. It was so darn cold today that I think everyone had trouble imagining summer dresses and tops! And since the wooltouch was on sale at half the price, I couldn’t let it pass!

And finally, two pieces (approx 1,5 m2 each) of gorgeous dark brown-red leather. It matches my leather jacket perfectly 😆 I’m thinking of making a bag. At 10 euros each, they were a steal!

And that’s it. I’m slightly disappointed with the offering this year – or it’s just me who wants colors/patterns that are not in their inventory! Meh.

On my way back home, I was intrigued by a shop window with a tulip shaped bag. It even had mini tulip shaped wallets! I thought they were really cute. Must find a way to make my own. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

In other news, yesterday was the first fitting of the wedding dress. Lo and behold, the fit was almost perfect! Just a few seams to adjust here and there, and the bride will look stunning in her dress. But you’ll have to wait until after the wedding to see it all. Because we can’t let everyone see the bride’s dress ahead of time, right? 😉



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