Summer sewing hiatus

Long time, no write!

Let’s say that late spring/early summer is never my most active sewing period in the year. I’m definitely more of a winter sewist. My sewing room is up in the attic and it usually gets way too warm up there for me to sew. And with vacation, outdoor activities, peaks in freelance work activity and the usual huge peak in workload at the office… you get the picture. Sewing gets relegated down the list of priorities…

I spent a little over 3 weeks back home in Canada in May/June, I was overly due for some down time. I did some sewing over there (many thanks to my mom for cutting the fabric and to my grand-mother for lending me her machines!) but the projects didn’t turn out as good as I would have hoped and are now unfortunate UFOs by lack of enthusiasm and energy to finish them. Meh.

I did score 2 lovely items at the weekly flea market though. First, a vintage capelet pattern dated from 1964, Simplicity 5416. I’m so used to paying big bucks for vintage patterns that when I asked how much the seller wanted for it, her reply took me by surprised: 25 cents! Oh my! The pattern was in a big box full of other 60s and 70s patterns. I soon regretted not buying the whole box, since the week after the seller wasn’t there anymore. Booh.

Even though I couldn’t get my hands on the rest of her patterns on my second visit at the flee market, I did find a lovely evening purse covered in beads and sequins. I don’t know how old it is, nor how much it’s worth. It has a label “Made in Hong Kong” inside, meaning it does have a bit of age. Anyway, the embellishments are pretty much intact, the closing and chain still look perfect and for 5$, I couldn’t say no. Isn’t it pretty?


And on top of being ‘busy’ with relaxing, vacationing and working this summer, I’ve been struck by a new activity: fangirling 😉 It’s all their fault:

Marvel totally sucked me into their cinematic universe. And comics universe. And do you know what that means? Yeah, cosplay ideas popping left and right in my mind… *sigh* I guess I’m going to add a ‘Cosplay’ category and tag sooner or later 😉

Oh and if you’re wondering about the Spring Flowers project photo shoot, I have really really nice pictures to share. Just need to find some time to post them. I’ll do that this week, for sure!



  1. totally want to see what you come up with sewing the capelet pattern….that would be a fantastic garment. i love sewing with old patterns – you figure out new seams and the cut is so interesting.

  2. Nice flea market finds, looking forward to seeing how the cape/capelets turn out. I knitted one last winter and it’s so handy (and pretty) to throw over outfits. And yes, that bag rocks!

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