My blushing bride and her battle with cancer

I’ve been very silent the past months, mostly because absolutely nothing is happening on the sewing front. I’m still far from a stable weight, so I still don’t want to invest time and money into sewing items that won’t fit 3 weeks later 😉 On the other hand, I’m very active on the sporty side, and  you can follow me here if you’re interested.

But today, I had to come out of my silent corner to say a few words about my dear friend Suz, my blushing bride of last Spring. She’s been battling a relapse of breast cancer lately and unfortunately, it seems she will lose her battle against an enemy that is simply too strong.

Please send your thoughts and prayers her way to help her on her last journey.


Suz, I love you my friend.



  1. J’envoie des pensées pleines d’amour et de douceur à ton amie et sa famille… C’est une maladie tellement imprévisible et frustrante… xxxx

  2. There are not enough adjectives to describe such a beautiful, talented, remarkable lady that I had the pleasure of knowing for such a short while. You have left a wonderful memory in my heart that I shall always remember…..Always, Lynne


  1. […] good friend recently lost her battle against breast cancer. You can read a bit more about it here. I signed up for an 8K sponsored run, to help raise funds for breast cancer research in the […]

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