Vintage Pattern Contest – I’m in!

I just entered the Vintage Pattern Contest on Pattern Review. Not an easy task, as the contest is already underway and I have a serious lack of vintage patterns that fit in my stash.

I suddenly remembered I had a few Dutch pattern magazines (Marion) from the 50’s and 60’s. Not all the designs are on the tracing sheet, and even worse, not all the sizes are on the tracing sheet. But lo and behold, I found it: The perfect vintage dress, in my size, in the July 1959 issue. I’m in LOVE!


Look at this beauty! The pleated top! The full skirt! The bow!

But it will be a challenge, my friends. I have no instructions whatsoever, and the tracing sheet is the most repulsive sheet I have ever seen. This is all I have to make the dress:


A drawing. And my common sense, I suppose. But I’m up for the challenge!

And now, to find the perfect fabric… Not too heavy, otherwise the full skirt won’t stand out nicely. There’s a fabric market in my town on Sunday November 17, that wouldn’t leave me much time to make the dress, this might be my last resort if I can’t find anything suitable in my stash.

I’m so excited! 😀


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