Adventures in cosplay

I’m approaching 40, but lately I started to let my inner geek show. I’m attending comic cons. I’m buying geeky t-shirts — and lots of them. I’m spending more time on Tumblr more than on Facebook. Mid-life crisis? I have no idea. But who cares, really?

I also have to make a confession: I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who. You could easily say I’m addicted!

I recently crossed a line I never thought I’d cross: I made a costume. And I wore it at a convention. I guess that makes me… a cosplayer.

Of course, my inspiration for this costume was taken from the Doctor Who fandom. I’m particularly fond of the Eighth Doctor, played superbly by Paul McGann. All right, the 1996 TV movie was sub-par to say the least, but McGann himself was brilliant. Even though he never got to play in an actual series of Doctor Who, he continued his work as the Eighth Doctor via the Big Finish audioplays, and he made a surprise appearance in the 50th anniversary minisode ‘The Night of the Doctor’. And it’s thanks to the audioplays and this too short minisode that I really fell in love with his interpretation of the character. So I just had to make myself an Eighth Doctor costume!

I picked his outfit from The Night of the Doctor, with the iconic green frock coat, however more disheveled than in the TV movie, and I was determined to use fabric from stash as much as possible, and to make as many items of the outfit myself as I could. I made the frock coat, the vest, the trousers, the shirt and the cravat — ALL with fabric from stash. Yay for stash-busting projects! I know he wears boots and garters (WWI style), rather than tall lace-up boots, but lack of time and materials to make the garters made me choose for the tall boots shortcut. I will eventually look for leather to make the garters, and I’ll keep my eyes open for brown military-style boots…

Then I added some props: I found a toy sonic screwdriver (8th Doctor version) and a cool fob watch on eBay, and a friend tipped me about a company who makes replicas of the TARDIS key, Mooncrest Models (check them out, they do amazing work on props replicas!). The belt is basically an old belt I had that was now way too big following my weight loss, I cut off the excess at the back and sewed the pieces together. Yay for recycling!

I’ll talk about each sewn costume piece in details in future posts, but for now, here’s a slideshow of my outfit! (Please excuse the wrinkles, I’ve been sitting most of the afternoon attending panels…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While making this costume, I learned several new techniques, especially regarding tailoring of menswear. Very interesting experience, to say the least. I’m going to address the coat, the vest, the pants and the shirts in more details in subsequent posts, there’s too much to talk about!

Oh and this is certainly not my last cosplay project. I have at least 3 more already lined-up. When I said a few months back that I was finally enjoying sewing for the sake of creating and making something fun, rather than sewing functional clothes — well, this is certainly true when it comes to costumes!



  1. I think this is fantastic. I love the pic with your hand on your hip showing it altogether.

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