The Eighth Doctor meets the Eighth Doctor

It’s a long overdue post! And even though it’s pure geekiness, it is sewing-related.

A few weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to meet Paul McGann, who plays the Eighth Doctor, my inspiration for my first ever cosplay. (I detailed how I made my costume in this post, this post, and this post.) The location was the London Film & Comic Con, my first ever comic con of epic proportions… but that’s beyond the scope of this blog!

I put my costume on in the morning before entering the venue, dreading how warm it could become. And oh boy, did my fears become reality! By noon, I was literally sitting in a puddle of sweat. Literally. I too my frock coat off and sat on the floor to take a small break and eat a sandwich, and when I got up a half hour later, my trousers were wet. At first, I thought I sat on a wet floor but nope. That was me sweating. So you can imagine how wet my shirt was… Thank goodness I had a long & covering frock-coat to hide it all!

Finally, my moment came: my photo shoot with Paul! My fangirl heart was racing, and I think I was sweating some more from being so nervous. It was a very quick encounter, but hearing him say “Look at you, you’re me!” made it all worth it. All of it. The sweat up in my attic. The tears when I thought I’d never finish this costume. The blood from all that hand sewing.


Ahhhhh… I’ll never forget the shoulder squeeze and the pat on the back!

My next meeting with Paul McGann is now in less than a month, for another convention in the UK. I will probably bring my outfit, but I’d love to have another cosplay for the day when I’m supposed to have the photo shoot and the meet & greet. Unfortunately, there is just not enough time to work on my Fem!Eight cosplay (I have to finish my husband’s Fourth Doctor cosplay!), so it’ll have to be something quick. So I picked Clara and her look from ‘Asylum of the Daleks’. Not related to the Eighth Doctor whatsoever, but I thought it could be fun. To be continued 🙂



  1. He is super nice isn’t he. I think I need to go for the TARDIS photoshoot next time. (I could lend you my fem 8th doc skirt..have to send it in the post though.)
    Definately need to come up with some ‘cool’ cosplays for the summer cons. It was soo hot. It was great to meet you btw. we will have to have double doc photo some time.

    • mcfdekker says:

      Of course now I just want to work my behind off to finish my Fem!8 cosplay on time… But it’s a steampunk outfit, with tons of little details… I’ll give it a shot, we’ll see if I get there 😉

      It was indeed really nice to meet you in person, we’ll have to meet at another con one day! 😀

      • Well I’m planning on doing LFCC again next year…might try a mcm london comicon too at some point.
        Ooh, sounds lovely look forward to seeing it.
        I was considering what cosplays I can do for the winter lfcc. Romana (city of death) is first thought. Then not sure what to do for 2nd day. Timelord president romana? Fem 5th Doctor? Lolita TARDIS? Steampunk Idris?

      • mcfdekker says:

        Oh IDRIS! I loved that episode actually. I wish they would bring the “old girl” back 😉 That would be brilliant! It has my vote 😛

  2. I took some detailed photo’s when the costume was on show at the 50th celebration at the excel. Its much more complicated and structured than it at first seems.


  1. […] convention-that-never-was. And I just didn’t want to meet him wearing the same cosplay as the previous occasion, by fear of being recognized and seen as a stalker 😆 And I just really needed an excuse to […]

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